Point of Entry: Planet Hulk


What I knew about Hulk before I read Planet Hulk: He’s a human who turns into a green monster. His name is Banner. (Thank you, Avengers movie). I knew that I didn’t really want to read anything about the Hulk. The End.

What I know now: that I was totally wrong about the Hulk. Oh my God, this was such an epic read! I’m sorry to everyone I turned up my nose at when they recommended this to me. You were right. I was wrong.

This was an amazing roller coaster; I even got all sniffly at the end. I was happy to find out how Hulk is this angry monster that just keeps getting stronger the angrier he gets. But at the same time he’s fair and just and does things not because he’s angry but because it’s the right thing. He just uses his anger as a tool.

I will say that I’m happy I watched Avengers before I saw this, because I at least knew the name Banner. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known who Hulk was talking about. I didn’t know they were at war with each other inside their body, so that was interesting to find out too.

If you are new to comics all you need to know to understand this graphic novel is what I’ve told you. Otherwise, just strap in for an awesome story.