POINT OF ENTRY: Ms. Marvel Taking Diversity to Comics

Ms. Marvel #1 Willson, Alphona, Herring Marvel Comics
“Ms. Marvel #1”
Wilson, Alphona, Herring
Marvel Comics

This review only covers issues one and two

Have you ever been so impressed with a book that you immediately called up your Grandma to recommend it to her? (And no not just because you thought reading an enjoyable story about another race and faith would be good for her soul? :D) I did that with Ms. Marvel. The thing is, I think she will really enjoy it when I get down to my hometown to show it to her. (And also when she stops asking me why the girl in the story can’t just eat bacon).

This is a great book for anyone. I do mean anyone too. I honestly didn’t need any Marvel history to understand this, and even though other heroes are in this (Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man) it doesn’t matter. I think comics lovers as well as noobs can get into it. Ms. Marvel tells the story of girl who wishes to be a super-hero like the ones she looks up to and someone gets that wish.

One of the things that got me with this series was how all walls of diversity were knocked down and not in an overwhelming way. It’s got a strong female character, but not one who is crazy dominant and must be better than all the boys (that drives me batty). She’s not white. She’s not Christian. Now, understand that there is nothing wrong with being a Caucasian, male Christian. (Heck, I’m two of those things!) But it’s not so often that you see respectable female characters (luckily this is changing – i.e. Captain Marvel). So many times we see characters in costumes that leave nothing to the imagination. I don’t even care too much about that BUT I do like seeing girls covered occasionally: that we’re not all just boobs, long legs, and beautiful flowing locks. Also, Kamala is Muslim, her family is Muslim, and it’s awesome and different and nice just to see their family interact.

The story and art are great, so if you haven’t picked this up yet you should and then make someone else read it too.

Verdict: 10/10