POINT OF ENTRY: Jack Kirby’s New Gods

Eh heh. Um, I guess I can’t just say, “Not my thing—Peace” and then close this post, can I? Well I guess I should start off with it’s not my thing. It just wasn’t something I was interested in at all. I know it came out in 1971, and it seems like this is something that everyone who reads comics is supposed to read and like, but just like a lot classics that I’m supposed to like, I just didn’t.

Some things seem timeless even when they’re old. This unfortunately wasn’t one of those. It seemed archaic in drawings, speech, and everything else. I have a hard time with that; I’m spoiled with all the pretty colors and glossy pieces of paper. Even if I took a step back from that, it just wasn’t anything special. Maybe it was at one time. But for me, reading it in 2013, it wasn’t. Sorry 🙁