POINT OF ENTRY: Green Lantern: Sinestro


This wasn’t really what I was expecting from a New 52 Volume one. With most of the other restarts I’ve gotten a chance to familiarize with characters I didn’t really know about and get a glimpse of an origin story.

This was not the case in Green Lantern: Sinestro. I’m wondering if Green Lantern is like Batman: just the fact that most people know a chunk about the series, they don’t need to do a complete reboot. Is Green Lantern that popular with people who don’t read comics? I didn’t even watch the movie.

I know who Hal Jordan and Sinestro are just from reading random volumes that my husband has pushed on me. But now I started this one and Hal Jordan isn’t even a Green Lantern anymore!? I’m completely flabbergasted. Did I miss something?

It was an interesting enough story, but I just couldn’t get over this gargantuan information gap where I didn’t know what happened with Hal.

The art was pretty good, but the switch in style was really sudden and not what I was expecting. Filler?

So in the end, I was hoping for an origins story—at least a recap, of how Hal got his ring and how Sinestro became evil. I didn’t get any of that, but because I’ve read other random volumes I could follow the story.

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