POINT OF ENTRY: Fantastic Four, the Hickman version


I read the first issue in volume 1 of Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four (Issue #570). I’m just going to point out, right from the beginning, this is not something that is for noobies. I have heard of Fantastic Four, but I don’t know what their special powers are, who their enemies are, or even their names. They aren’t like Batman or Spiderman where they are referenced enough in other media that I know anything about them.

Here is what I gathered from this one issue:

  • The art is pretty—really pretty.
  • It’s about a family.
  • There are more than four in the family but probably only four with super powers.
  • There is a guy named Reed and a girl named Sue; I think they are married.
  • They have kids and the girl is a brainiac.
  • There is a rock dude and a normal looking dude
  • Reed can stretch and is super smart but apparently seems to make poor decisions (not a “know,” more of a guess based on how this issue went).
  • Sue can make a shield.

Uhhh, yep. That about sums up what I learned from this issue. If all of you reading this already know about Fantastic Four then I think this break down will show you what it’s really like for a noob. I just do not know what is up. I’ve never watched the movie or read anything about Fantastic Four. I always think that when I grab a volume 1 or issue #1 that I’m going to get some exposition, but that is not always the case, which this is a fine example of.

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