POINT OF ENTRY: Battle of the Atom


I just finished reading the first three installments of Battle of the Atom (“X-Men Battle of The Atom #1,” “All New X-Men #16,” and “X-Men Vol 4 #5”). It was a beautiful comic that was mostly okay to read if you have little to no X-Men experience, like me.

The first issue was probably the roughest. I don’t really know who the X-men are outside of Storm, Wolverine, and Jubilee. I’ve heard of some of the other main characters like Rouge and Kitty, but I forget who they are. That kind of makes a comics series where there are people traveling from the future and past to our present kind of difficult to follow. I need a large diagram of who’s who and what their relationship to everyone else is.

After I got sort of acquainted with these characters the story progressed much easier for me. And truthfully, even though I didn’t really understand everything I understood enough that I could just enjoy the story without Googling a bunch of stuff (like with Infinity).

I’m happy that I was assigned these comics for Point of Entry, because I probably wouldn’t have picked them up, and I would have missed out. I do want to delve more into the X-Men and honestly, the Marvel Universe so that I have less questions and can just enjoy a lot more story like I do with DC without trying to dig up a bunch of info first.

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