Point of Entry: Sandman Epic Dreamscape Story

Neil Gaiman (writer) / Sam Keith (artist) / Mike Dringenberg (artist) / Todd Klein (artist)

Vertigo Comics
TPB $19.99

preludes-and-nocturnes-662x1024 I like fanasy. I like mythology. I like DC Comics. Apparently, if you like all of these things you are obligated to at least read Sandman. Ever since Sandman has begun his reprise in Sandman Overture my husband has been nagging me to get on the ball and read this. (He is a Neil Gaiman nerd.) So I took the plunge and I kind of enjoyed it. But only kind of.

Sandman is the epic tale of Morpheus/Sandman and what happens to him when he’s stolen from his home realm. A group of humans that more than dabble in the dark arts mistakenly kidnap him while trying to capture Death. He is their captive for 75 years while they try to extract immortality from him. That’s the start of things. He spends the rest of the volume trying to find his magical belongings that were stripped from him when he was initially taken.

One fun thing was seeing random DC characters like Scarecrow and John Constantine make cameos. With Scarecrow in the picture you would think that he’d be up to some truly terrible things, but the really disturbing stuff didn’t even involve him. It involved another guy that got ahold of one of the Sandman’s possessions. He put a diner full of people through some pretty deplorable things, which ultimately lead to their deaths when he got board. It was gruesome.

The art was really weird but in the best possible way, especially since the whole concept of Sandman is pretty damn weird. It wouldn’t seem right for a dreamscape to be normal, now would it?

Honestly, I thought it was just alright. I really enjoyed how weird it was, but there is so much hype built up around it, and there is such a strong fan base, that I felt a little disappointed that there wasn’t more. I realize I’m only on volume one, so I’m going to read farther and give it a better chance. We’ll see how it goes.

Verdict: 7/10