Point of Entry: 52 Volume 1 The Original

Geoff Johns (writer) / Grant Morrison (writer) / Greg Rucka (writer) / Mark Waid (writer) / Eddy Barrows (artist) / Chris Batista (artist) / Joe Bennett (artist) /

52vol1_bigI started really reading American comics after DC had already moved into the New 52. From there I had a starting point. Many people told me that I needed to read the other,  so-called better stuff. The original 52 is something that has been recommended to me more than once.

52 tells the story of what happens in the DC Universe after Infinite Crisis. Um, noob here, right? I don’t know what happens in Infinite Crisis except that all the heroes disappear. I know that because it’s easy enough to figure that out while reading 52 when Booster Gold is the star of the show.

I feel like I’m still going to like 52 once I get further along, because I’ll figure out bits and pieces of what’s going on and plus there are some fantastic elements that this has going for it. Probably the coolest part is that each issue really is one further after Infinite Crisis and even the single issues are broken up into days. It’s so interesting to see the difference in certain characters, like Steel after he’s forcefully introduced to the metagene by Lex, or Booster Gold who struggles for fame but gets his reputation destroyed. I feel like I’m actually going to get to see some characters really develop and evolve. This must be the benefit of using secondary characters almost exclusively.

The best part? Renee Montoya. I love her. She’s definitely the best lesbian in DC. Yes, better than Kate Kane. She’s playing a big role in 52 Volume One. I don’t know to what end but I’m excited to find out.

Lot’s of mystery and intrigue going on in this first volume. It’s a little daunting for a noob to read, especially when you don’t know half the characters and don’t know the big event that takes place prior to the story and it, but I’m going to stick it out and read the rest. People who already know the whole story will probably enjoy this. Noobs, it’s going to be rough, but try it. We’ll figure it out eventually, right? Especially since about a billion talented people collaborated on this.

Verdict: 7/10