REVIEW – Plutona #1: Celebrity Super Heroes

Writers:  Jeff Lemire and Emi Lenox

Artist: Emi Lenox

Publisher: Image Comics

A fascination with superheroes leads to unlikely friendships amongst classmates in this new book from Jeff Lemire and Emi Lenox.  Plutona, is one of Metro City’s most famous superheroes.  She has reached a level of fame allowing her to have her own comic book.  The question is, does the comic depict her personal life or is it completely fictional?  It could be akin to reading a tabloid story or a older blog post from Perez Hilton.  Teddy, a resident of a nearby town is part of a capespotting group.  He keeps track of superheroes in the same way we track celebrities. Superheroes ARE the celebrities of Metro City.  There’s speculation and exaggeration mixed with facts surrounding every sighting.

REVIEW - Plutona #1: Celebrity Super HeroesLemire and Lenox created relatable characters whether they are a parent or a child.  You could easily see yourself saying or doing these things.  If not yourself, then someone you know.  The story flows well as we’re focused on the kids in this book.  However, there’s a disconnect when we learn more about Plutona.  It feels as if Lemire and Lennox just kind of thrusting information about her into the story.  It comes across almost like a flashback.  The book is named after her, but so far it seems like she’s not the focus.  Plutona comes off as a device to simple bring the story together.  She’s the one thing everyone has in common.

At first glance the book appeared to be cute and potentially an all ages book.  The artwork is deceptive.  Although Lenox’s art style is appealing to younger readers, some of the imagery is a little dark.  Once you look at the content, humor and foul language you will see that this is not a kid friendly book.  It’s still enjoyable to read.  They brought light to internal and external issues that people experience without crossing any lines.  They’ve left room for character development.  When you put down the book you’ll find yourself wanting to know more about the characters.  You want to know what happens next, which is important in an ongoing series.


Plutona is a proof that Lemire and Lennox are a dynamic duo.  You may find yourself getting a little nostalgic if you’re reading this as an adult.  They gave us a bully, that is comparable to Judd Nelson’s character in The Breakfast Club.  Another that reminds me of Spinelli from the 90s cartoon Recess.  Reading this as a teenager, you’ll probably being to pick out people in your school that fit the archetypes presented in this book.  It even possible that you’ll relate to the parents presented in this book as a parent yourself or they will remind you of your own parents.  Regardless of who you related to in this book I’m sure you’ll take something from it.

Plutona #1 earns  7/10

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