Patty Jenkins is Close to a Deal to Direct Wonder Woman 2

Patty Jenkins seems to be close to a deal to direct Wonder Woman 2.

Director Patty Jenkins is working out a deal to return to the directing chair for Wonder Woman 2. Word is that the Jenkins deal could be quite historic if it comes to pass. While everyone from fans to critics seems ready and willing to see her come back, there’s one sticking point.

Jenkins is looking for a bigger payday. In fact, she wants to be paid on par with her male peers. As a result, negotiations are on going but sources suggest that almost everyone in the negotiations is on board with the idea. The question for most is how much. Being paid on par with the likes of Zack Snyder, who has 3 comic book movies under his belt for the DCEU and Watchmen and 300, would make her the highest paid woman in Hollywood.

The first Wonder Woman was a critical and fan success, making over $800 million at the box office, industry wisdom says she should be paid more. Hopefully a deal will be reached soon.

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