Outcast Premiere Released Online Friday


In preparation for the much anticipated small screen adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s newest IP Outcast, the series host network Cinemax released the entirety of the Outcast premiere episode into the wild for everyone to see this last Friday.

Starring Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous; Cique du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant; Gone Girl) as protagonist Kyle Barnes and Philip Glenister (Life on Mars; Ashes to Ashes) as Reverend Anderson and directed by Adam Wingard, Outcast is the story of Kyle trying to exercise the literal demons of his past and present and discover why this is happening to him in the first place.

About two weeks before the premiere is scheduled to launch officially, the episode is live and seems to be living up to fan expectation based on early viewer reaction.  Whether the series will maintain its quality and contend with giants like Game of Thrones or Kirkman’s other smash hit The Walking Dead remains to be seen.  However, as interest wains on The Walking Dead due to a perceived loss of quality and with the unorthodox choice of airing on Cinemax, it will be interesting to see how much steam this new series can gather.

The Outcast series premiere airs on June 3 for a 10 episode first season, but ahead of that, the series was already renewed by Cinemax for a second season on March 14th.  Clearly, Cinemax has faith in this series and is putting their money where their mouth is to see it succeed, but only time will tell what it will eventually become.  What seems clear though, is that Cinemax isn’t looking for a done-in-one show that will be sorely missed later like Firefly or Constantine.

You can see the episode here, but be warned Outcast is definitely not for everyone as it features lots of supernatural horror and is rated TV-MA.


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