NOOB REVIEW: Superboy Volume 1: Incubation


Check out that cover. Looks amazing, right? Well, I was let down for several reasons. Let me bullet point:

  • While there are a lot of experiments that happen on Superboy during the comic, the cover image isn’t in there at all. The cover image is freaking sweet and looks like it’s from Ghost in the Shell or something as equally sweet. But alas, I was wracked with disappointment by it’s absence.
  • Superboy isn’t a likable character. Like, at all. I briefly thought I was going to like him for a second. But he turned around in the next frame and screwed that up.
  • I had just finished reading Supergirl, which I thought I was going to hate, and because I had such low expectations I was really happy with the volume. That made me have high expectations of Superboy and my hopes were dashed. Although it was sweet seeing Supergirl’s cameo.

All that said… the author did make me really want to read the next volume. I so badly want to know what is up with Superboy and the thing we discover at the end of the volume. Also I’m getting ready to read Teen Titans this week, and it seems there is a lot of crossover. I want to know the whole story, and DC is so good at getting you to read a whole bunch of stuff just so you can learn the whole story for one event that I have to read the next one. DC, you really know how to put my library card to work and how to steal all my money. 🙂

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