Noob Review: Revival Volume 1, Zombies Spin

Revival: Volume One: You're Among Friends (w) Tim Seeley (a) Mike Norton Trade Paperback
Revival: Volume One: You’re Among Friends
(w) Tim Seeley
(a) Mike Norton
Trade Paperback

Revival is the story of a small town in Wisconsin where the dead have come back to life. Only one town, only one day. The town is dealing with scrutiny from the news and media. Citizens are stuck in their own town due to a quarantine, and tons of others, including religious zealots, who just want to get in.


The story follows a cop named Dana who is on a special task force assigned to deal with the recently revived, and Dana is the only one who knows that her sister Martha is one of the revived. Martha was murdered but doesn’t know the facts. Her goal is to find her murderer. Dana’s goal is to assist her sister but to also deal with the crazy that is transpiring in her own town.

This is a new take on the whole zombie-apocalypse that has been so popular recently. I thought it was really interesting how the creators decided to limit just how much dead were coming back and how most people were seeing it as a miracle as opposed to something terrible that would wreak havoc upon the world. They aren’t these monsters that only seek to eat others; it’s not even certain if all of them are monsters. But there are definitely some.

I think that it could definitely become something epic, but I’m not so sure it’s for me. It just didn’t pull me in like it could have. It’s probably the characters. I just didn’t care about any of them even though I wanted to. They all seemed pretty flat.

The art was pretty great—dark and kept with the mood—but it didn’t save the flatness of the characters.

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