Noob Review: Morning Glories Volume 2: Nick Spencer is the new Chuck Palahniuk


Caution: Spoilers for both the first and second volume

At the end of volume one we were all stunned to see a long haired girl named Jade with a big smiling face. Only Jade is a depressed teenager with a chopped bob, isn’t she? When I finished volume one I was completely bewildered. I couldn’t wait to grab the next installment. I thought reading it would answer some of my questions. Nope. Now I just have more. Isn’t that the way it always is?

This volume shows us a lot more history on some of the new entrants. It focuses a lot of Jun, Zoe, and Ike.
Jun, actually Hisao, was saved by his brother, the real Jun, from the school. Now Jun is trying to pay his brother back by rescuing him. Zoe saved a friend who she thought was getting raped by their teacher; she kills the teacher by accident but cooley disposes of the body. And Ike—oh Ike, terrible Ike—he killed his father. Why? Still don’t know that but I’m dying to find out.

Morning Glories is such a messed up series. It seems like most of the characters (outside of Casey and Hunter) are getting more and more twisted. I’m not sure if they are evolving into this or if they were always capable of it and we’re just now seeing it. Actually, in Ike’s case we learn that he have always been capable and very little will prompt him to do it again.

I feel like this was written by Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club and Invisible Monsters. When he writes something it’s always amazing, always totally effed up, there will definitely be a twist, and with each new thing he puts out he tries to out-do himself with crazy. That describes exactly what I would say Nick Spencer is doing with Morning Glories. And Joe Eisma is so surprising for his art style choice. It’s so pretty. What a juxtaposition compared to the story. It’s really a nice effect. By their powers combined, you get a whole bucket of awesome.

Verdict: Pass me the crazy! 8/10