Noob Review: Justice Leauge Dark Vol 2 – An Occult Classic

Justice League Dark Volume 2  (w) Jeff Lemire  (a) Mikel Janin $16.99 (TPB)
Justice League Dark Volume 2
(w) Jeff Lemire
(a) Mikel Janin
DC Comics
$16.99 (TPB)

I went into Justice League Dark volume two with reservations. Volume one was hit or miss and mainly had a cool gross out factor (remember the witch?) and awesome lines from Constantine. Volume 2 has a much better story. The characters are a lot more developed, and I enjoy their interactions. It was like volume one was the pilot, with a bunch of forced characterizations, and volume two is onto the main series.

I was really happy to see the main cast of characters thinned a bit. I enjoy the characters for the most part, but some of the minor characters get a little annoying, so it’s nice for them to pop out and in from time to time (except Deadman, I thoroughly enjoy him for some reason). Shade is pretty much annoying all the time, and Andrew is too broody. So I enjoy my breaks from them.

Another highlight is the story, for the most part, seemed more put together. I could figure out what was going on the whole time. I knew the characters because every new character has a little bit of an introduction or story to go along with them.

I think my favorite part wasn’t actually part of the main story. It was John Constantine and Zatanna Zatara background story. It made their love/hate relationship that much more understandable and made Constantine seem a little bit more like a regular person and a little less like a selfish jerk.

The art was great. There were several art styles and each one is impressive. I have no complaints on the art department.

The main reason why I was disappointed in this story was because at the end of Rise of the Vampires: The Leaving there was no clear-cut ending. It just stopped at Andrew Bennet charging into battle and then you flip to the next page and it’s a new story. I would have liked a little more conclusion on that one.

But all in all it’s a decent read. I think it’s better than volume one. Read it yourself and tell me what you think.

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