Barbarella Returns to Comics After 35 Years in New Series From Dynamite!

Just in time for the iconoclastic character’s 55th anniversary, Barbarella is retuning to comics. Dynamite Entertainment is bringing the classic heroine back to comics for her first series in 35 years, written by Mike Carey (“Lucifer,” “Hellblazer,” “X-Men”) with art by Kenan Yarar (“Hilal”).

Created in 1962 by Jean Claude Forest, Barbarella...Read More »

The Adult Jean Grey Returns to the Marvel Universe in "Phoenix Resurrection"

It’s been 13 years since writer Grant Morrison killed off Jean Grey in the climax of his legendary run on “New X-Men,” and today Marvel Comics announced that the adult version of the character will return in Phoenix Resurrection, from writer Matthew Rosenberg (“4 Kids Walk Into A Bank,”...Read More »

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