Surprising New Villain for Captain America 3


News just broke about the new villain will be in the next Captain America movie and who it is might surprise you. It seems Captain America is going to face off against Superman, Batman, and possibly Wonder Woman. Yes, you read that right, and let me explain.

A while back DC announced that the Superman-Batman movie was going to come out in May. This ruffled a couple feathers in camp Marvel as May is typically the release time for Marvel. Thor, all three Iron Man movies, and the freaking Avengers all came out in the first week of May so DC had to know what they were doing when they scheduled their upcoming title for release that same week. Essentially they were trying to tell Marvel to step off because Batman and Superman are coming to town. But Marvel shook their ponytail and wagged a finger all sassy like saying, nu-uh, girlfriend and declared that their new movie is coming out on the exact same day, essentially throwing down the gauntlet.

What this means is that Marvel is willing to throw one of its own characters under the bus in order to hurt DC. Marvel has to know that there is more money being poured into the Superman-Batman movie than the Marvel movie ($250,000,000 for Man of Steel and only $170,000,000 for Captain America: Winter Soldier), but it doesn’t seem to matter to Marvel. They are willing to take a potentially large hit on the Captain America side of things if it means hurting DC’s new movie. After all, if Captain America 3 doesn’t do great in theaters it doesn’t hurt Marvel too much. No one even knows if they intend to continue the current incarnation of the character indefinitely. Marvel has deep enough pockets both from a fiscal perspective and a intellectual property perspective that they can move onto some other hero. But DC needs this movie to work if they have any hope of getting the Justice League movie made. Superman-Batman can’t afford to be as coldly reviewed as the last two DC movies because they are going to need fan support to make the other leaguers movies.

So while the comic fanbase is still wondering when DC is going to get their universe to the big screen, it’s evident that Marvel isn’t content to let them start without a fight. Meanwhile the public has a good old fashioned cat-fight to watch until the movies come out.