Review: “Morning Glories #34”

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Joe Eisma
Price: $3.50 (digital version: $2.99)

Morning Glories has been compared to the television show Lost, and with good reason. The comic, like the TV show, presents an ensemble cast of characters, as well as a compelling set of mysteries in a sci-fi/fantasy environment. This comparison carries with it both promise and concerns, as the ending to Lost was a disappointment to many. The fact is that with every new mystery Spencer and Eisma present to heir readers, the plot becomes more and more convoluted. Readers who felt burned by the show’s end probably have less and less patience toward Spencer’s tendency to pile on more and more strange plot points without giving readers any concrete answers.

The main reason that the mystery behind Morning Glories is so important is that the plot and characters are decidedly connected to it. This is not a book that has a background mystery. It is pervasive and involves nearly every important plotline. The mystery of Morning Glories, much like it was in Lost, is akin to the foundation of a building. Right now reading the book is intriguing, as the expectation for answers gives readers motivation to continue, but if at the end of the series the foundation turns out to be weak then the whole thing will collapse. It’s not a given that this will happen. Spencer might actually have a plan for his creation. But with every new twist, it seems more and more likely that frustration awaits at the end.

“Morning Glories #34” feels a bit stagnant, as it is comprised mostly of our main cast of teenagers talking about the repercussions of the past few issues, especially issue #33. With minimal plot movement and a fairly dull accompanying series of flashbacks, this show mostly feels like filler. Spencer and Eisma are capable of making it entertaining filler, but that’s all it seems to be. While the overall plot remains a good enough reason for loyal readers to keep buying the book, “Morning Glories #34” is nothing out of the ordinary. “Morning Glories #34” isn’t the best example of what the series has to offer, but the big picture of the plot and the interesting cast of characters remain compelling reasons for fans of the book to keep on reading.

Verdict: 7.0/10



Asaph Bitner is a staff writer for Capeless Crusader. His other activities include studying for a college degree and dreaming of visiting the Song Of Ice And Fire universe as a future-tech wielding jedi secret agent. You can follow him on twitter at @AsaphBitner.