MIRROR’S EDGE heading to the small screen


Coinciding with the release of the sequel to 2008’s Mirror’s Edge, Endemol Shine Studios have announced they are developing the popular video game IP into a TV series. The game follows the free-runner Faith Connors as she attempts to prove her sister’s innocence. More than anything, the game made waves due to its unique gameplay which allowed the player to roam around a large city as a parkour savvy rebel, all through a first person perspective giving the player a chance to immerse themselves in the adrenaline fueled experience.

This isn’t the first time Faith has stepped outside of the video game world, as there have been two comic series, both coinciding with the releases of the video games in 2008 and 2015 respectively. The second game, titled Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, is set for release on June 7th.

While little is known about the show at present, it will be interesting to see how they decide to adapt the unique play style into an episodic narrative. The source material definitely gives them an opportunity to make a action packed TV show, while improving the relatively by-the-numbers storyline of the first game.


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