Millar’s Supercrooks and American Jesus Headed to the Big Screen


While mainstream comic book fans are focused on the ever-escalating rivalry between Disney’s Marvel Studios and Warner Brothers’ DC Entertainment, Mark Millar is quietly building a cinematic empire of his own.

The prolific scribe behind Wanted, Kick-Ass and Kingsman, has seen nearly every one of his independent projects moved into development by Hollywood, and now he’s added two more to the slate.

According to Variety, Waypoint Entertainment has picked up the options on American Jesus and Supercrooks to develop them as features.

American Jesus was originally created by Millar and artist Peter Gross in 2004 for Dark Horse Comics, where it was published as three issue of a series entitled The Chosen. In 2009, Millar moved the series to Image, where it was collected as American Jesus.

Supercrooks was published in 2012 through Marvel’s creator-owned Icon imprint, and was co-created by Millar and artist Leinil Francis Yu.

Both series are critically acclaimed, and will join Millar’s other in-development properties such as Starlight, Chrononauts, Empress, MPH, and Huck.

Millar told Variety that he met the producers on his most recent trip to Los Angeles in September.

“On my most recent trip, I met these guys and was wowed by their plans and the scale they’re working on,” he added. “Leinil and I couldn’t be more delighted to have ‘Supercrooks’ up and running with such talented people. Peter Gross and I have held ‘American Jesus’ back for a decade until the right team came along. This really is that team!”

No timeline has been set for the development of the two properties, but we will keep close track of the evolving slate of Millarworld films as news evolves.

Source: Variety


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