Matt Kindt to write Martian Manhunter backup for JLA

justice-league-of-america-new-52In an interview with MTV Geek, writer Matt Kindt revealed that he would be writing a series of backup features in the upcoming Justice League of America series. These backups will feature original JLA founding member J’onn J’onnz, also known as the Martian Manhunter.

Speaking with, Kindt had this to say: “I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working on this. I grew up with the JLA and Manhunter was one of the few characters I felt had so much more un-mined potential than most of the other characters. His powers and abilities really lend themselves to the kind of stories I love to tell. And working with Geoff? That’s like the cherry on top. But more than just being fun from the fan/reader part of me, we’re really working to make the back-ups be an essential part of the reading experience. We’re treating the back-up like the harmony to the main melody of the issue.”

Martian Manhunter by Alex Ross
Martian Manhunter by Alex Ross

According to the MTV Geek piece, Kindt will be writing the backups in cooperation with Geoff Johns, who will be scripting the main story in JLA. It would appear that Kindt’s iteration of the character, who has been a staple of the DCU since his inception in 1955, will be in keeping with the darker tone that has been set for him since the relaunch of the New 52. In appearances in Stormwatch, J’onn was very heavy on the pathos, and it has been revealed that there was a brief attempt to include him in the Justice League, which ended quite badly. In describing J’onn, Kindt said “he’s got a little darker edge to him. You may be the strongest guy on Earth, but that doesn’t mean you’re strong mentally. There are disabilities there, maybe not physical ones, but mental ones, and that’s his weakness.”

This sort of mental struggle is something that Kindt has shown he excels at, particularly in his fantastic MIND MGMT series.

Kindt had not responded to our request for comment as of the time of this posting, but we will be continuing to follow up as the release approaches.

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