Marvel’s AMERICA Sells Out For Second Time

As far as the comic book market is concerned, Marvel’s America is a hit.

After the first issue cracked Diamond’s Top 50 for the month of March, the second issue of the new series has sold out at a distributor level. Marvel announced last week that the second issue of America sold out on the day of release. April unit and dollar share numbers on the second issue won’t be available until some time in early May. There is typically a drop-off between first issue and second issue orders for new series. First issues almost always garner at least one sort of additional bump due to interest from speculators. America’s debut was impressive because she not only landed inside the top fifty books in terms of unit sales with over 43,000 unit sold. The first issue also squeaked into the top 25 in total dollar share for the month, earning the twenty-fourth sport on the March chart.

Writer Gabby Rivera‘s team-up with artist Joe Quinones has fared well among critics as well. The first issue currently holds an 8.5 score on review aggregator, with the second issue seeing a sight fall off to 7.2.

The news comes as Marvel has taken fire for the comments of an executive blaming at least some of their sales slump on the number of diverse titles the publisher releases. It would appear that readers of America, as well as the Marvel marketing staff, are taking notice of the need for the publisher to earn back some goodwill by pushing the new series.

America drew a considerable amount of pre-release buzz for its selection of queer Latina writer Rivera to head the project, as well as its positive depiction of the character as she journeys to find her place as an extra-dimensional immigrant to the main Marvel Comics universe.


Josh Epstein

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