Marvel NOW…With More Digital Content

Marvel recently announced that all the volume one hardcovers under the Marvel NOW! banner will now come with a digital download of said hardcover at no extra charge. If you’re a fan of Marvel’s Augmented Reality app, then you’ll be glad to hear that each Marvel NOW! hardcover will also feature special augmented reality content containing cover recaps, behind the scenes features, and more.

How this will affect the rest of the industry remains to be seen, but Marvel has been knocking it out of the park when it comes to digital content, offering up free digital copies with most titles and now with their hardcover titles. Hopefully, other companies will follow suit, stop charging extra for digital copy “combo packs,” and realize comic book fans want more bang for their buck.

David Gabriel, SVP of Sales, Publishing & Digital Media for Marvel Entertainment said,“Marvel’s committed to not only bringing fans the best comics with Marvel NOW! but to also bringing the best value, which is why we’re the first publisher to include free digital copies with the first volumes of our top hardcover collections on this scale. We’ve seen an overwhelmingly positive response from retailers and fans to the digital codes included—at no cost—in many of our monthly comics and select graphic novels. The universal support and praise for this initiatives makes it clear that including these codes with our books drives customers into comic stores on a repeated basis.”

The list of hardcovers that will be coming with a digital copy are as follows:

All-New X-Men Vol. 1: Yesterday’s X-Men
Avengers Vol. 1: Avengers World
Captain America Vol. 1: Castaway in Dimension Z Book 1
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1
Indestructible Hulk Vol. 1: Agent of Shield
Iron Man Vol. 1: Believe
New Avengers Vol. 1: Everything Dies
Nova Vol. 1
Savage Wolverine Vol. 1
Thor: God of Thunder Vol. 1 – The God Butcher
Uncanny Avengers Vol. 1: The Red Shadow
Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1: Revolution



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