Marvel and Netflix Reveal “The Punisher” Coming in 2017

With the release of an evocative poster, Marvel and Netflix have confirmed what until now had been mostly rumour, that “The Defenders” isn’t the only Marvel/Netflix show to look forward to later in 2017. The poster confirms that The Punisher will drop on Netflix later this year, after this summer’s super-team spectacular “The Defenders” sees its 8 episodes released on the streaming service.

A series starring the Punisher was a no-brainer following Jon Bernthal’s acclaimed and popular turn as Frank Castle in the second season of “Daredevil,” and Marvel and Netflix were quick to lock the actor in to a spin-off series. Even before Bernthal made his debut in the role, Marvel was actively looking to develop a series starring the character. Eventually, following the warm reception, Marvel and Netflix brought writer/producer Steve Lightfoot (“Hannibal,” “Camelot”) on board as show runner and started building a cast. Joining Bernthal in the series is Deborah Ann Woll, reprising her “Daredevil” role as Karen Page. Additional cast members include Ben Barnes, Amber Rose Revah and Ebon Moss-Bacharach as fan-favorite comic character Microchip.

The poster serves as confirmation that Frank Castle will return to cut a bloody swath through the underworld sooner than later, and for those viewers who love both the character and Bernthal’s rich performance, this is good news indeed.



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