Marvel to launch new Howard the Duck from Zdarsky and Quinones

80’s nostalgia is all the rage these days. If the legions of geeks sporting Ninja Turtles and Thundercats t-shirts everywhere you look wasn’t evidence enough, then the use of wacky Steve Gerber creation and 80’s B-movie star Howard the Duck in this summer’s smash hit Guardians of the Galaxy should prove it.

It turns out that Marvel Comics isn’t content to let Howard the Duck remain a laugh-worthy footnote in a post-credits scene, and are bringing the goofy gander back to print.

To tackle this hilarious task, Marvel has tapped hit artist and co-creator of Sex Criminals (named Time Magazine’s Comic Book of the Year) Chip Zdarsky to handle the writing duties, and artist Joe Quinones to design and draw the title. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the team discussed their intent for the series.

What can readers expect from your work on Howard the Duck? Comedy is obviously a huge part—will there be a lot of visual humor? Chip, will fans of Sex Criminals find themselves at home here?

QUINONES: Nah. I think we’re going for something a bit more grounded here. We really wanted to explore Howard’s pain and loneliness, and how he expresses his outsider frustrations with extreme violence. Kidding! It’s definitely meant to be funny. I’m a big comedy fan, so expect a lot of visual gags throughout. Chip and I have already been brainstorming some on the subject.

The new, cosmic, comedic Howard the Duck series goes on sale at a store near you the first week of March.

Josh Epstein

Josh Epstein is the Publisher for the Capeless Crusader website. He’s a lifelong comic nerd, and “Superman” is the first word he ever read aloud. He is also an actor, singer, and resident of a real-world Smallville.

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