Marvel Editor Sana Amanat Drops Free Comics and Knowledge in TED Talk

downloadSana Amanat, an editor at Marvel for Ms.Marvel, Elektra, Captain Marvel, and New Warriors, gave a TED-talk worth checking out at the Fifth Tedx Teen Conference. Ms. Amanat’s speech, “Myths, Misfits and Masks” focused on the positive effects comic books can have on the self-image of teenagers of all backgrounds.

She tells the story of growing up as a young Muslim and short comic book nerd trying to fit into American culture. Telling of her shock after finding herself on the “outside” after 9-11, she describes the way that Marvel’s comics, which often depict the roles of outsiders accomplishing great things, gave her some sense of belonging.

She explores the Mirror Neuron Theory (here’s some of the scientific backing if you are interested) in terms of understanding where stereotypes come from and how reading comics and other works of art can help us redefine ourselves in relation to these stereotypes.

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