“Life With Archie #37” Celebrates Archie Andrews’s Life

Still reeling from last week’s “Life with Archie #36” in which iconic comic character Archie Andrews was struck and killed by an assassin’s bullet after valiantly sacrificing himself to save friend Kevin Keller? Me too. While the death of Archie in this series is both meaningful and rather depressing, the bubbly teenage Archie we grew up with is still alive and well in his own separate series. The Life with Archie series, which began in 2010, is a separate world in which Archie and his Riverdale pals have reached adulthood, allowing the writers to be able to tackle a myriad of grown-up, real-life issues such as breast cancer, death, and of course the coming out and later same-sex marriage of the comic’s first openly gay character, Kevin Keller. Keller, an army veteran who later became a Senator, was an out spoken advocate for gun control thus the  motive of the assassination attempt which would ultimately claim Archie’s life.

Issue #37 takes place a year after Archie’s death in which the residents of Riverdale are still in mourning, but gather together one last time to share stories and celebrate his life. Think of it as an issue that will feel as though you attended a memorial service for a close childhood friend.

“Life with Archie #37” is available in stores today.