LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Midseason Finale Brings Back Old Faces!

All right, we’re officially into the midseason hiatus for the entire Arrowverse! Legends of Tomorrow brought the last midseason finale of last week’s crop, and wow. “The Chicago Way” pretty much knocked it out of the park.

First, to get it out of the way: HOLY $#%^, LENNY. For those not aware of my proclivities with this show, Leonard Snart, a.k.a. Captain Cold, (played by Wentworth Miller) was my favorite character, and I was really upset when he died at the end of Legends of Tomorrow season one. In this episode, Leonard returns as a hallucination in Mick Rory’s head. Specifically, hallucination!Leonard has problems with how close Mick and Amaya have started to become. He thinks that it’s pushing Mick to act more heroically, and that that heroism will kill him.

But basically, he acts like a pissed off ex-girlfriend insisting that the new girl is bad for Mick. And I love every second of it.

Props to Dominic Purcell for Mick’s reactions in this episode. When Leonard first appears, with the line “Oh, how the mighty have fallen,” Mick responds with an almost desolate “Len? Leonard?”

Mind you, Mick usually called Leonard ‘boss’ or nothing at all. Just gonna point that out for the folks in the back.

Anyway, moving on from Mick and Len (#coldwavewillriseagain), let’s take a look at the A-plot:

Malcolm Merlyn, Eobard Thawne, and Damien Dahrk appear in the 20s in Chicago, and call on Al Capone. Their actions prevent Capone’s arrest, creating a time aberration to draw the Legends out.

Of course, it works. The Legends arrive in Chicago and rescue Eliot Ness from Capone’s men’s clutches. However, they walk straight into a trap, where Martin and Sara get captured by Capone’s men. While in the bad guys’ clutches, Sara and Martin have a beautiful talk about the team’s purpose, and Martin confesses that he accidentally created a time aberration — his daughter, Lily Stein — by giving relationship advice to his younger self.

Then, Martin gets tortured by the bad guys, and Thawne pretends to be Martin when the good guys come through to save him. Thawne, Merlyn, and Dahrk want to get hold of an amulet that Sara stole from Dahrk earlier in the season. During the ensuing fight, one of the baddies lets slip that they’re about to have Capone give Martin a pair of concrete shoes.  This causes Sara to negotiate with them. She trades Martin’s life for the amulet.

Back on the Waverider, Martin asks her why she did it, and she tells him it’s because this team is a family now. For her, family is more important than the sanctity of the timeline, despite their mission.

Finally, we return back to the bad guy party, and they talk about seeking out someone in the 1960s. Then, the show cuts to New York in 1968, where we find Rip Hunter — but a Rip Hunter with an American accent, working as a movie director.

Wham, episode over.

Overall, the midseason finale of Legends of Tomorrow hit fewer snags in terms of thematic coherence and writing acumen than some other episodes of the season so far. Additionally, I have to say I loved the use of the 20s in Chicago.  However, part of me wishes Capone got to be more of a villain in his own right, instead of the bait.

I don’t know yet how I feel about the setup for a Mick/Amaya romance. When I watch the scenes, I do appreciate their chemistry, though, so if the writing winds up solid, then I can’t say I won’t enjoy it, even though I prefer each character with other partners.

That said, I wish everyone a solid midseason hiatus, and we’ll be back in January for the midseason premiers!


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