KICKSTARTER KORNER: A Magnificent Seven Books You Should Back

Welcome to Kickstart Korner, where every month we’ll take a look at several comics, web comics or graphic novels that are in the throes of their Kickstarter campaigns. You can choose to fund one or fund them all. Whatever you do, you’ll take a peek at cool projects like these that are clearly worth a closer looking into.



Who doesn’t like the vigilante in comics, the anti-hero, the unstable protagonist? Deadpool, Wolverine, Punisher, Hulk, even Catwoman, they all have their share of redeeming and damning qualities. Riley Reece, the main character from The Fist, is no different. He’s a “blue collar batman with an alcohol problem,” according to The Fist‘s writer and co-creator Brandon Bitros, and if you’re a corrupt cop, better watch your back.

Set in Philadelphia during WWI, this story takes the reader on a rough ride through the city of brotherly love. Justice in the form of a black-hooded figure is perched high above the city, searching to punish those he finds abusing their power.

The artwork by Fernando Jimenez has touches of DC’s Blackhawk comics from the 1940s, Frank Miller from Dark Knight Returns and the dark-contrasted work of Chris Samnee. The pages are dark in tone and setting and its action-packed violence and mayhem lie at the heart of its sinister appeal. Although co-creators Bitros and Jimenez have worked together before, this is their first Kickstarter. The campaign ends October 9.

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IndieBam says writer David Hedges and artist Jefferson Costa “perfectly blend steampunk and the supernatural.” I could stop there and half of you reading this would still go fund this project. In fact, the successfully-backed first volume of this story had plenty of funding from lovers of all things alt-Victorian sci-fi (170 backers and nearly $4,800).

Volume two picks up where part one left off, with Lord Percival Cawthorne, a British agent with reckless thirst for adventure, his ever faithful manservant Runnymede and the strong-willed Miss Sally. They are hot on the trail of a dangerous mastermind who threatens to unleash Lewis Carroll’s most volatile mathematical theories, thus altering reality as they know it forever.

Co-creators Hedges and Costa are award winners in their fields and this book shows it. An added bonus is that their pledge tiers are full of unique rewards including exclusive variant covers and custom made zombie cameo skeleton keys. The campaign ends September 19.

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the-chasing-arrows Both of the Chasing Arrows issues #0 and #1 will be 40 pages of comics printed on recycled paper and wrapped and shipped in plant-based adhesive tape and recycled packaging. It makes sense since the story is about a possible trashed-out future earth that has completely flooded. All that’s left are floating trash islands where our two main characters, Inara and Onas, eek out their seemingly hopeless existence.

If you love a story that spends any time world building you’ll love these books. An entire system of magic based on color is explored and the detailed descriptions and names of all the locations floating around the world both pull the reader in and set the stage for a compelling story.

Writer Thomas Miller-Donelly and illustrator Neal Anderson have created a vivid world of paradox where tragedy and hope live together. The reader will believe in this world and yet at the same time, hope this planet never comes into existence. The last day of the campaign is October 4th.

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mflux Mechanaflux is an all-age fantasy comic book series written by Shawn Padraic Murphy and illustrated by Ava Berman. Issue #4 continues the story of Princess Maria of Aria and a boy named Cory, who Maria has recently discovered is her brother separated at birth. Just as they are starting to get along she discovers that not only does she question his character but that she needs him to save the world.

Creator Shawn Padraic Murphy has a knack for telling stories of conflict and paradox. His passion for this type of story bleeds into the action of the images and keeps the reader fully engaged. The excellent Manga-style artwork is uniquely its own and professional artist Ava Berman, who is a graduate from the New York School of Visual Arts, seems to be enjoying herself, breathing her own vividly creative life into the images of this fourth issue. The campaign ends September 23.

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NESS- A Monster Comic, Issue 2

nessIf you’ve never seen ole Nessie in person then you’ll want to back this project. Set on the shores of the famous Loch Ness, with a tinge of Lovecraftian horror and a splash of Scottish mythology, the mysteries of the unknown unlock before your very eyes as you turn every page.

Ness tells the story of a young woman named Ceit who visits the Loch with her friends to spread the ashes of her deceased mother. It just happens to be the day after the last protector of the Loch, a druidistic shaman of a sort, is killed by a monster from the deep (Nessie?). Issue two begins with Ceit and her friends narrowly escaping in a boat from a band of baddies who tried to sacrifice them to the monster. Now they float precariously on the very water that houses the monster.

Chris Welsh and his more than accomplished team of writers, illustrators, letterers and colorists bring us a striking story with even more visual artistry that make any amount funded more than worth it. October 2nd is the last day to help fund this campaign.

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happily-evr-aftrCreator and writer Ricky Lima has had so much fun with this book and the illustrations show it. Artist Nicolas Londeix has perfectly captured the light-heartedness of the technicolor world of Happily Ever Aftr. This team’s efforts show one of the clearest examples of synergism where the story is tons better with the art and the illustrations only come to life because of such an accurate, spot on commentary of on-line dating, but in a fairytale setting. It will leave the reader with a belly ache from laughing so hard.

A kidnapped Princess Emily may be in the tower but she still has cell service. Using a dating app, she recruits suitors to rescue her. Funny, really funny idea!

In keeping with the theme of dating apps, the rewards for backing the campaign, other than the books themselves, are things like love letters written to the backers by the different fictional characters and mini-prints of the fictional dating app profile screens. The campaign ends September 22 and they have already nearly doubled their original goal. That won’t keep you from backing though because you’re going to want the book a.s.a.p.

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heart-of-millyera A young, intelligent, down-to-earth geology student named Ida discovers an unusual relic of magic while on an expedition with her friends, Gilbert (a mad scientist ahead of his time) and Celeste (a botanist with high standards). Unbeknownst to her, Ida has now become the protector of an ageless and timeless child-like sea spirit named Millyera, who seems to need a bit of protecting. Set in an epic-style Victorian Australia, with a twist of steampunk, Heart of Millyera: Prelude is a 20-page preview book that will have every backer waiting with bated breath for the arrival of the full-length version.

If you visit this Kickstarter page and become a backer you’ll be entranced by a story of danger, mystery and beauty in a fantasy world we’d all love to take an adventure in. Perhaps it’s so enchanting because writer Jess Cate and artist Jana Hoffman appear to be mysterious, dangerous and beautiful in their own right. This project will be funded on September 22.

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What did you think of this month’s selections? Do you have recommendations for future Korners? Let us know in the comments!


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