Julianne Moore In Talks To Play The Villain In Kingsman 2

One of last year’s surprise hit movies, Kingsman: The Secret Service, is getting ready to start production on its upcoming sequel. Even though filming is not yet underway, we may know who might be taking over for Samuel L Jackson when it comes to main antagonist.

julianne_moore_berlin_h_2016According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore is being eyed to play the villain in 20th Century Fox’s Kingsman sequel. The deal with Moore is not yet final, since she has several other projects in the works and scheduling may become a problem. No other details on her character were revealed but since The Secret Service, the original comic book by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons that the first movie was based on, does not have a sequel, her character and the film will be more of an open canvas than a set adaption.

Matthew Vaughn is set to return as the director for the sequel along with Taron Egerton as the lead. One person who won’t be back is Colin Firth. The filmmakers reportedly tried to find a way to somehow squeeze Firth into the sequel, but it seems likes those plans may have been scrapped.

Kingsman: The Secret Service 2 is expected to begin shooting this May and is set for release in theaters in June 2017.

Source- The Hollywood Reporter

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