REVIEW: Itty Bitty Comics! Grimmiss Island Is Great for All Ages

grimmiss cover
(w) Art Baltazar and Franco (a) Art Baltazar Dark Horse

This being the first time reading one of the Itty Bitty Comics, I was unsure of what to expect.  Sure, it’s a comic geared towards children given the art and the writing style.  I couldn’t help but find myself amused.  I caught myself saying “this is adorable” so many times I expected my roommate to make me leave the living room.  Instead, he just humored me.

The writing moved quickly, which is good in order to maintain the attention of younger readers.  This also helps if you’re an adult with attention deficit disorder.  Text was kept simple and sweet making it easy to follow and understand.  I did enjoy the main character only speaking Spanish while the others spoke English.  Everyone understood each other with no issues.  At first I was a little annoyed by the lack of translation for those who don’t speak Spanish.  Then I realized this actually opens the doors to younger readers to learn a new language when it’s actually easier for them to retain the information.  In countries outside the U.S. it’s very common for children to speak multiple languages.  It would be very possible for comics to be used as an educational tool in this instance.

All of the artwork reminded me of Saturday morning cartoons. The characters were all great.  They were simple, but full of personality.  The cactus was easily my favourite character outside of Grimmiss. Although, I’m sure parents won’t like him.  He comes off as rude and sarcastic.  It appeals to me since I learned to appreciate sarcasm at a younger age than most.  That’s not exactly something parents want their kids exposed too.  The rest of the story shows a community working towards a common goal.  They wanted to please the Volcano Goddess.  So there is a positive aspect to the book along with a cute little love story.


This book is great for all ages.  Art Baltazar and Franco did an amazing job at bringing this story to life.  I enjoyed this book more than I probably should have as an adult.  It will be added to my list of books I recommend to parents looking for a book their kids can read and enjoy.  Itty Bitty Comics tend to be a favourite of parents and children alike, and this falls in line with those expectations.

Rate:  8/10

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