Inside “The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1”

When Marvel announced that they were planning on dedicating a week to Superior Spider-Man, who would have guessed that they were putting a new team together to replace the Sinister Six?

It’s one thing to have a team of super villains, but when it’s composed of your everyday second string villains then you have something. Written by Nick Spencer with art by Steve Lieber, this is one new series that will end up giving fans a new take on what it takes to make it big. Shocker, Boomerang, Speed Demon, The Beetle, and Overdrive put there efforts together to attempt to make it big or die trying. With Boomerang leading the squad, tensions will rise as we see this new team try to overcome Spider-Man and claim their place as the superior foes of Spider-Man. The first issue of Superior Foes of Superior Spider-Man will hit stands this July.

For more of an inside look at “The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1″ take a look at the interior art and official Marvel Press release below.


[Press Release]



New York, NY—April 2nd, 2013— This July, critically acclaimed writer Nick Spencer and Eisner Award winning artist Steve Lieber put fans in the shoes of the all-new Sinister Six with The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1! This all new ongoing, launching during Superior Spider-Month, gives fans a whole new look into the world of Superior Spider-Man,  great for lapsed and new readers alike!

With superior power comes superior responsibility…and superior villains!  Boomerang, Shocker, Speed Demon, the Beetle, and Overdrive take a cue from the Superior Spider-Man and get upgraded for a new era of evil – and the score of a lifetime! It’s a tale of suspense that’ll turn the Marvel Universe upside down – as only THE SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN can!

“The beauty of the Spider-Man world has always been that for all the web-slinging action and adventure, Peter Parker lives in the world outside your window and his villains reflect that,” explains Tom Brennan, editor, Marvel Entertainment. “The new world of Superior Spider-Man demands a look at the lives, lies, schemes and dreams of his villains.  Spider-Man’s evolved – will his villains as well?”

Following the embarrassing beating from Superior Spider-Man #1, can Boomerang and crew rebound to prove once and for all they can make it in the big leagues?

“This is a book about the working class guys; these are not the Kingpins or Green Goblins or Doc Ocks of the world,” explains Spencer in an interview with “These are the small-time crooks looking for a quick score so they can pay their alimony and get the loan shark off their back. A lot of the book is from Boomerang’s perspective, and he’s very much aware of that—and he sees this new Sinister Six he’s formed as one last big shot at real money and real power. He’s got a lot riding on this.”

This July, Spencer and Lieber tangle with the Spider-Verse’s newly-infamous villains in The Superior Foes of Superior Spider-Man #1!