In “Swamp Thing #21” “The Murder Poet” Raps at the Chamber Door…

Swamp Thing #21 Cover Art by Jock
“Swamp Thing #21” Cover Art by Jock

Charles Soule’s latest edition of The Swamp Thing takes on the first steps of what promises to be an exciting and certainly action packed new story arc, meeting some new faces and taking the Swamp Thing himself to wild new lands. Moving comfortably through the story, with a spark of the original Saga of the Swamp Thing written by the UK’s own resident comic legend Alan Moore entering the feel and mood of both the story and artwork (something I am extremely happy to see, check out my reviews of the Saga of the Swamp Thing TPB editions from Vertigo, here on CapelessCrusader!) needless to say, readers (me included!) are both impressed and excited for this issue and issues to come!

A special note has to be made, on the exquisite excellence of Jesus Saiz’s artwork in this issue. Following both Yannick Paquette and Kano since the New 52 reboot alone cannot be an easy task for any artist, yet Saiz does it with style – within the first few pages is a half page spread of the Swamp Thing himself looking monstrous; I’d say the most intricate and detailed depiction of the character I’ve seen since Yannick Paquette’s depiction of the Swamp Thing’s evolution during the “Rotworld” saga. Even during the flashback scene Saiz’s work combines detail and a serious cool-factor whilst also effortlessly blending into the history of Swamp Thing artwork which, combined with Charles Soule’s writing just…feels right. Although in a single issue a story can only move so far, Soule & Saiz’s work has a real sense that it’s complete in itself, which is a good sign for both monthly readers and for the story arc as a whole. This is a pretty incredible artistic team overall for this issue, and once again it’s simply left me in an uncomfortably tense anticipation of the next!