Image Goes All-Ages with Oddly Normal

OddlyNormal-Issue1-Cover_webThis fall, Image Comics continues to expand their repertoire with Otis Frampton’s Oddly Normal. This all-ages fantasy adventure tells the tale of Oddly Normal, a young girl, who is half witch and half mortal. She finds the kids in school far from accepting of her mixed upbringing. Like most young girls, Oddly longs to be normal, and on her birthda,y she makes a disastrous wish. In order to right her wrongs, and find her missing parents, Oddly embarks on a journey to the magical land of Fignation. Creator Frampton invites readers along on Oddly’s journey, an adventure filled with monstrous bullies and pure evil itself.

“I’m absolutely thrilled that Oddly Normal will be published by Image Comics,” said Frampton. “It’s a twenty-year dream-come-true to have a creator-owned book at the company that made me want to make comics professionally. When I sent out submissions for this book, Image was my ‘never gonna happen, but I gotta take the shot’ company. I couldn’t be happier with how that long-shot pitch turned out!” said Frampton.

Frampton is perhaps best known for his work on the delightful web shorts How It Should Have Ended. His other works includes Josh Howard Presents: Sasquatch from Viper Comics and the web comic Escape From Planet Nowhere. As you can tell by the playful quality in Frampton’s work, his art is the perfect fit to tell an all ages adventure. His portfolio is filled with whimsical recreations of Thor, Superman, and even Joss Whedon. Image is looking to corner a market they have all but ignored in recent years and finding a project like Frampton’s is quite the catch for the publisher.

Look for Oddly Normal this fall and stay tuned to Capeless Crusader for updates as we learn more about what is sure to be a fun series. For a sneak peak you can visit Frampton’s deviantart page: Frampton will attend C2E2 this weekend and will be at Artist Alley table G15, Friday-Sunday, all day.