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Today is Image Expo in Seattle, and Capeless Crusader’s Alex Smith will be sending you all the breaking news live from the floor!


2:33 PM: That’s it for Hickman. Up next is a Colin Lorimer to talk about The Hunt for Shadowline!


2:30 PM: Apparently the names of companies have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. And the writer, of course.


2:26 PM: Each issue of The Black Monday Murders will clock in around 50 pages, with 30 of those being interior art.


2:21 PM: In this story, financial institutions are the houses of magic, where power is gained through wealth.


2:19 PM: Jonathan Hickman is up next! Here we go!


2:16 PM: V for Vendetta and Doctor Who are influences, but made sure to say that this isn’t an end-of-the-world scenario.


2:11 PM: Karen Berger talking about how she wants to find new voices in comics and help creator owned comics move forward.

2:09 PM: There will be suffering and death throughout. Lots of dark, doctor humor. There’s also talk of how future medicine will be VERY expensive.


2:05 PM: Themes of fear, right wing dystopian world/gov. Lots of old diseases coming back. They’re very interested in the fact that no new antibiotics have been created in the last couple of decades.


2:02 PM: Karen Berger and Sarah Kenney are up next! Talking about SURGEON X!


1:25 PM: Talking about Isola, they don’t want to give away a lot of info. Battlestar is the inspiration, lots of fantasy world-building. 

Story of two women, has a LOTR type world building. Heavy into details. 


1:23 PM: Brendan Fletcher and Karl Karschl are up next.


1:14 PM: Next presser starting now.


1:09 PM: They really just want to create a big universe. Romulus sounds sounds like a possible franchise starter. Hill wants people that walk into a comic shop only knowing Batman to be able to pick this up and be interested.

1:07 PM: Asked about the arc and structure, he said four issue arcs starting in Fall/Winter. He wants it to be easier to pick up and read than the big two, where readers don’t need to know anything going in. It takes the spectacle of DC and Marvel but mixed with the personal nature of Image comics.

1:04 PM: Hill is also very interested in history. He wants a strong, uncensored female protagonist. Hill used to be a teacher, intoduced comics in the classroom and wanted to show strong female characters who aren’t just about gender, but have full scope and intensity.  Nelson Blake is doing art.

1:02 PM: Hill’s dropping some details about Romulus. Book follows an assassin named Ashlar, trained from birth to be an assassin, but has a change of heart in first issue and decides she wants to take down the organization.

He calls it “face melting action adventure story with a female protagonist”.
It will discuss some esoteric historical concepts, dark parts of history, as well as the fictional story.

1:00 PM: Afternoon pressers are getting rolling. Bryan Hill is first up.

12:50 PM: The next round of conferences are in this little cabaret club called The CanCan. I love the venues they picked!

12:45 PM: The embargo has been lifted, so we’ve got pieces up on the main page with art for a bunch of the announced titles. Check em out!

12:40 PM: Going dark for a few minutes while we do the press scamper. Stay tuned!

12:31 PM: The roster of names behind Creators For Creators is absolutely huge! This is a big deal!


12:27 PM: The recipient will also receive mentorship from those listed above. Could be any creator from any spectrum of the comics universe, the whole industry is wide-open. Submissions open May 1.

12:25 PM: Last minute addition, announcing Creators for Creators grant. Someone will be getting $30K! Initiative started to help creators keep their work and how to navigate in the businesss.  Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples also involved.


12:17 PM: Fletcher is staying on stage, announcing ISOLA: Island of the Dead with Karl Kerschl.


12:13 PM: This is the Batgirl team, able to be uncensored. Now that they’re at Image, they have free rein.

12:10 PM: The MOTOR CRUSH team has taken the stage, to huge applause.


12:08 PM: Azz describes the new series, MOONSHINE, as “gangsters versus wearwolves”. Two issues are finished already, starring an alcoholic protagonist set during prohibition.


12:06 PM: Eisner-level talent for these last few books, and we’re not even done. Azzarello is next…

12:04 PM: Remender says that the series was 10 years in the making.

12:03 PM: SEVEN TO ETERNITY will have art by Jerome Opena. The series releases in the fall and follows a dying knight, member of a disgraced family, is afforded a chance to save the world. The land is ruled by fear and paranoia. The series will have lots of “Machiavellian machinations”

12:02 PM: Rick Remender on stage now to anounce SEVEN TO ETERNITY.

Seven to Eternity

12:00 PM: Sounds like the first issue will be 50 pages (not unlike Dying and the Dead), detailing the massive world.

11:58 AM:  Story will involve financial institutions and be a bunch of guys who gather a bunch of power and wealth. Very high concept, similar to EAST OF WEST.

11:56 AM: Jonathan Hickman is up next, announcing THE BLACK MONDAY MURDERS.


11:54 AM: The team says the series will be much more hard hitting than their previous crime stories. Wow. How is that possible?

11:53 AM: Series will tap into the generational anger that’s currently happening in America. More to come later, probably at the afternoon pressers.

11:51 AM: Sean Phillips will be joining Brubaker on KILL OR BE KILLED. The Dream Team returns.

11:50 AM: Ed Brubaker takes the stage to announce KILL OR BE KILLED.


11:47 AM: SURGEON X definitely seems to hit on the timely theme of healthcare, which has been a big political fight here in the US.

11:42 AM: Karen Berger and Sara Kenney have taken the stage, announcing SURGEON X.


11:40 AM: Bryan Hill is announcing ROMULUS at this minute.


11:34 AM: Joe Harris is officially debuting ROCKSTARS right now. Huge applause.

Rock Stars

11:32 AM: Image will be re-releasing Ronald Wimberly’s PRINCE OF CATS, and there is also a sequel in the works.

11:30 AM: Babbs Tarr, Brendan Fletcher, and Cam Stewart will be releasing MOTOR CRUSH, which looks to be a ways off but awesome.

11:29 AM: Leila Del Duca and Kit Seaton will be releasing a new series called AFAR, somewhat in the vein of her work on Shutter, but with cyborgs.

11:27 AM: Howard Chaykin will be writing and drawing a new series entitled DIVIDED STATES OF HYSTERIA, which will be heavily political.

11:24 AM: We’re now being told that we can talk about titles, but just not give you art until later. Here comes the flood.

11:17 AM: Nathan Fairbairn announced LAKE OF FIRE.

11:13 AM: Colin Larimer introduces a new book called THE HUNT. Set in Ireland, based on that area’s folklore with modern twist

11:12 AM: Actual titles we’re allowed to talk about have started being announced.

10:45 AM: Glitterbomb from Jim Zub is coming. Described as Hollywood Horror. There will be more later at a full press conference.

10:44 AM: Jim Zub takes the stage.

10:36 AM: Next year is the 25th Anniversary of Image Comics.

10:33 AM: He grew up in a time where shops only sold superhero comics.

10:33 AM: Stephenson on stage, talking about how he got into comics at the start of the keynote

Erik Stephenson at Image Expo 2016

10:04 AM: Lots of chat about artists, it seems like.

10:02 AM: The keynote officially starts at 10:30. Seats starting to fill up. Definitely a calmer vibe than a Marvel or DC event.

9:49 AM: Stephenson’s keynote is about to begin.

Image Expo Keynote

9:46 AM: After the keynote, we’ll be able to live blog all the afternoon press conferences, so this feed will get a lot better. Promise.

9:41 AM: I imagine they’ll reveal a lot of this stuff, and then detail upcoming arcs for ongoing series. Hoping for some Saga or Revival news, my big two.

9:38 AM: Last presser before the break, then Stephenson’s keynote.

9:32 AM: Pretty sure that this is an exercise in tormenting the press. The next announcement has started and already wish we could tell you all about it. The scramble during lunch rush is going to be intense.

9:24 AM: We’re starting to get the actual press kits for these books. The art is stunning on all of them. Wish we could share them before the break, but we can’t. They’ll be ready to go right away though.

9:15 AM: The announcement the internet has been waiting for seems to be happening next. There’s a real buzz among the press.

9:09 AM: Without giving anything away, it seems like the theme of the day is politics. Not a surprise in a Presidential election year.

9:01 AM: Third creator headed to the stage now. This one’s a biggie. Can’t wait to see what’s being announced.

8:58 AM: Image PR people have told us we’ll be able to release specifics on the books being announced at 12:45 PM today, Pacific Time. We’re already getting art and other info, which will be up then.

8:52 AM: Second book is from a first-time writer, but already sounds amazing. Lots of high-concept stuff being explored.

8:46 AM: First announcement is done, with another right on its heels. We’ll be able to release specifics this afternoon, but the first book is going to be a must for music geeks.

8:36 AM: Several new books being talked about, but specifics are embargoed until later this morning. Very cool sounding titles and teams, though.

8:30 AM: The doors are open for press! Time to go!

8:17 AM: It’s definitely interesting to have Image Expo in the hallowed halls of a Seattle music venue like The Showbox. instead of a standard convention center.

8:15 AM: First press conferences don’t start until 8:30, so it’s time to schmooze.

8:00 AM: I’m here! I went and grabbed coffee from Pike Place Market, tried to waste a little time, then went over there and was told no press until 830.

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