Image Comics Announces AFAR From Leila Del Duca and Kit Seaton

Today at Image Expo in Seattle, comics creator Leila Del Duca (Shutter) announced a new graphic novel entitled Afar.
Described as a science fiction fantasy adventure starring two siblings who have to make it on their own after their parents leave them, Afar has one sister who is capable of astral projection and uses it to connect with people on another planet. In their attempts to get back to that planet, the siblings will deal with “political cyborgs”, something which gives the serious obvious connections to real-world themes.
Much like her work in Shutter, Del Duca promised lots of weird mash-ups between cultures, animals, and plants.
The inspiration for Afar was one of Del Duca’s college art friends, and she wanted to include lots of comedic elements and fun “costuming moments”, meaning that the sort of out-of-this-world character designs common in Shutter are likely to find their way into this series as well.
Afar is Del Duca’s first foray into long-form storytelling as a writer, as she admitted to only having written short pieces in the past. She confessed to a bit of anxiety, but said that now she has confidence in her abilities.
Originally planned as a monthly, Afar will be released in OGN format, targeted for adults in a November release.

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