IDW to Publish Second Mini-Series Based on Hit Video Game Borderlands

After IDW’s initial success with their first comic adaptation of mega hit video game franchise Borderlands in 2012 (Borderlands: Origins), the original Origins team is back to pen a second comic mini-series titled The Fall of Fyrestone. The second series returns to the desolate Earth-like planet of Pandora with the core main characters from both the first series and the game, a group of mercenaries known as “Vault Hunters,” Moredecai the Hunter, Roland the Soldier, Lilith the Siren and Brick the Beserker. Where the first series dedicated each of it’s four issue run giving a back story to each main character, the second series will pick up exactly where the last issue featuring Brick left off, with all four Vault Hunters having finally met up and combined forces now returning to a city in turmoil and a new threat that will test each of them to their limits.

Featuring the original creative team of writer Mikey Neumann (who also wrote the original video game) and artist Agustin Padilla, Editor Tom Waltz guarantees in the press release from IDW that The Fall of Fyrestone will be “…turning up the dial way past eleven this time around!” The Fall of Fyrestone is set to debut some time this July.