REVIEW: Hexed #4 – Sibling Rivalry on a New Level

Writer:  Michael Alan Nelson

Artist:  Dan Mora

Publisher:  Boom! Studios

REVIEW: Hexed #4 - Sibling Rivalry on a New LevelWhen Hexed began we met Lucifer, a thief, her boss Ms. Brisendine, and the intern Raina.  Lucifer isn’t your normal thief; she has supernatural abilities and it appears that she can’t die.  Except she can and she did, as we’ve followed her into paintings and into the aether.  She also saved Raina’s life when Yves escaped a painting his sister had imprisoned him inside, to stay forever.  Granted, Lucifer did save her life by using the soul of a necromancer.  Raina has helped save her life as well by bring her back safely from the aether.  Which is good since a man named Yves was trying to kill her for his own personal gain in a battle against his sister Cymbaline.  This is only the beginning of the sibling rivalry between Cymbaline and Yves.  Their long term plan is to kill each other.  Ms. Brisendine, has a plan to protect Lucifer at the gala just in case the two decide to show up.

Michael Alan Nelson continues to pull me into this story.  There’s never a dull moment with Lucifer around.  One of my favorite aspects of this issue was Nelson taking Lucifer out of her comfort zone.  Well, when it comes to her appearance, anyway.  It serves a large purpose in keeping her alive even longer.  Ms. Brisendine sewed ancient symbols into the dress.  It also allows for her to be eye candy for a few pages.  My only complaint about this story is the resolution between Cymbaline and Yves.  It felt a bit anti-climactic to me.  I expected their battle to be carried out over several more issues.  It doesn’t appear that will happen, considering how this issue ended.  Nelson could surprise me with a plot twist, or give us new villains.

When it comes to the art, Dan Mora amazed me with both the panel layouts and details he included in this issue.  I especially loved that he changed his art style based on the paintings Lucifer was occupying in a few of the panels.  It was an unexpected and welcome artistic touch.  I hope it’s something we continue to see from him in future issues.  Along the lines of artwork, Emma Rios’ cover for this issue is great visually.  The covers and how they incorporate the title into the image is something I find myself looking forward to each month.  It just felt a little misleading when considering the actual events of this issue.  Cymbaline and Yves were a large part in this issue, but I’m not sure if their storyline was enticing enough to warrant them being on the cover.

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