Help Peter David and His Family in Their Time of Need

peter-davidThe news broke just last week that beloved comic book writer Peter David (X-Factor, The Dark Tower) had suffered from a severe stroke while taking a vacation with his family in Florida. The stroke reportedly greatly impaired his vision, as well as leaving him unable to control his right arm and leg.

While recent reports from Peter’s wife Kathleen David via his blog suggest that he is slowly recovering, the incident has put a tremendous financial strain on their family.

“Even though we have health insurance we have co-pays and the like. And since this stroke fell at the end of the year, we have all the new co-pays to deal with…” writes Kathleen. “And there are things that the insurance company just won’t cover.”

While Peter David receives royalties from the sales of books like Marvel’s X-Factor and Dark Tower, Kathleen asks anyone who wishes to help out to purchase his books from Crazy 8 Press or the Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites, where he’ll directly receive the most profit. Such books for sale include Pulling Up the Stakespart 1 and 2, The Camelot Papers, and The Hidden Earth Saga.

Peter David was one of the very first writers to welcome me into our wonderful world of comic collecting with issue #1 of X-Factor, a series I’ve refused to miss a single issue of since that first reading, and his work on The Dark Tower series changed my definition of licensed comic books altogether.  The staff at Capeless Crusader and myself wish the best for Peter David and his family and hope he’s back to feeling 100% very soon!