“Harley Quinn #2”: Putting Comedy Back in Comics

DC Comics W: Conner, Palmiotti A: Hardin, Rous $2.99 - 32 Pages
DC Comics
W: Conner, Palmiotti
A: Hardin, Rous
$2.99 – 32 Pages

When’s the last time you smiled the whole way through a comic?
A DC comic?
A Bat-family DC comic?
A T-Rated bat-family DC comic?
As my local comic-shop manager describes it: post-New 52 Detective has been “The bloody, slutty, DCU.” At two years into this massive publisher wide reboot, Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti deliver us Harley Quinn, a long time fan favorite character, for the first time (in New 52 continuity) in her own solo book!

There is nothing deep or controversial found twixt the pages of this book (aside from perhaps some loose ties to the more militant animal-activist groups). From start to finish this book is a pure joy to read!

While I normally scoff at reading comics ignorant of larger pictures in mind, it is truly a breath of fresh air from a publisher that appears, on the surface, to have buried their heads in the sand and have just been a bummer to read. Instead of seeing her as a sidekick or playtoy of the Joker (“Suicide Squad #14” *shudders*) Harley has always had a place in my heart in her role as comic relief.

Throw in an extra helping of snark, some over-the-top, giant-hammer-wielding, Loony Tunes-esque violence and a burnt beaver (anthropomorphic, possibly robotic, idk?) with the personality of a Chucky doll, and, well, you have set up ole Dr. Quinzel to be the Deadpool of the DCU!

Her new solo life? She’s managing an apartment building housing both a circus sideshow act and the Madame Tussauds of murder! Sound a little sitcomy to you? Well of course it does, but with all these comic properties pouring onto the small screen in the next few years, why couldn’t we have the Three’s Company of comics? Could be good, just saying…

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