Green Lantern Books Get Recharged!

Green Lantern DC LogoNews broke this past week that DC Comics is shaking up the creative teams for the Green Lantern books in the wake of Geoff Johns leaving the main title.

To help make the transition easier with seeing which creative teams are coming and who jumping on board, here is a handy chart:

Creative Changes for Green Lantern Books

These changes will take place in issue #21 for all books except for Larfleeze, which will be the first issue of that series.

Seeing that the strength of the Green Lantern books has come from the direction of Geoff Johns and his rebuilding of the brand over the past decade, it will be interesting to see if this group of relatively indie and unknown creators (save for Giffen and Kolins) will be able to maintain the sales levels of the previous creative teams.

Let us know in the comments below what books you are looking forward to reading!