Green Arrow: Year One

(w) Andy Diggle, (a) Jock
DC Comics
$14.99, 160 pages

Oliver Queen lives a self destructive life; a carefree and alcohol fueled existence of a bored adrenaline-junky trust fund child. Values are lost on him. From the value of a dollar to the value of a life, he cannot see beyond the selfish boundaries of his immediate entertainment. His own naivety gets Oliver entangled in a web of betrayal and fraud that leaves him stranded on a deserted island; left with only his own wits and a robin hood complex to fend for his survival. When the story comes full circle he must confront his past, the nature of humanity/heroism, and the value that one man can make a difference in this world.


While the climax ramps up to a visually charged action packed face-off, just below the surface lies an exploration on the nature of escapism and denial, the substance of friendship, and the core essence of humanity in being able to reinvent one’s own life.

There is a reason this volume winds up on most people’s ‘Top Green Arrow Stories’ lists. It’s beautiful, thrilling, and faithful update of a character with a rich 70 year history. If you’re looking for a great place to jump into comics or the character, Green Arrow: Year One certainly hits the mark.