Green Arrow vs Hawkeye: Thom, Josh & DW Muse on Master Marksmen

Ok, now who would win in a fight…

It’s a line we’ve heard a million times before, and more often than not a debate that does more harm than good for the word ‘fanboy’. Sometimes though, that’s just the natural evolution of a conversation.

With the release of Green Arrow #17 last week, DC finally decided to scorch the earth for the emerald archer to try and cash in on some of the popularity of CW’s Arrow, and archery in general, this year. As most of you know, I really like the latest run of Hawkeye; but more than that I really want a decent GA represented in comics. Archery has been a lifelong hobby of mine, Robin Hood was always my favorite folk hero, I set up a range in my back yard; hell I even cosplay Ollie (Year One) for Halloween and Cons.


When you spend a lifetime loving something, it’s impossible to not be passionate about it; and as such that’s the reason I started Geek Girls, Nerd Boys. I wanted an outlet for these hobbies, and a forum to discuss them with people just as afire about the topic. I figured who better to sit down and discuss comic book archers than the creator of the comic site I write for (Josh) and the creator of the comic podcast I listen to weekly (DW, Fanboys IncCast). As such we wound up spending three hours (don’t worry, it’s trimmed down) literally talking everything even remotely related to the subject at hand; and have never felt better about the moniker of ‘fanboy’.

I’m beyond excited to get to deliver two major pieces of news:
1. GGNB will be joining the Fanboys Inc. Network launching this month
2. Josh & DW will be regularly collaborating on their own pod, finding that awesome medium where fanboy and crusader collide.

Never did I think my hobbies warranted this kind of attention, and am truly honored to be the one to break the news.
So please give our conversation a listen, and if you’re feeling generous a rate or review on iTunes.
Thank you so much, and stay nerrdy my friends!