GotG Director James Gunn Recants Sexist and Homophobic Remarks

2011 WonderCon - Day 2

On February 17, 2011, in a post on his personal blog, Guardians of the Galaxy director and screenwriter James Gunn made several alarming statements that have just recently come to light thanks to In an entry titled “The 50 Superheroes You Most Want to Have Sex With” several derogatory phrases were used that have been viewed as both sexist and homophobic.

One of the main sources of controversy comes from Gunn’s statements towards Batwoman, a lesbian character from DC Comics. In his article, Gunn says he hopes for a “DC/Marvel cross-over where Tony Stark can ‘turn’ her” and goes on to say that if Batwoman were to have sex with Nightwing (who Gunn implies is unmasculine) she could still be considered a lesbian. The post has since been taken down, but if you care to see his words for yourself  it can still be found in full through Google Cache. You won’t have to read long before you see what all the fuss is about.

James Gunn has since made a public apology via both his Facebook and GLAAD:

People who are familiar with me as evidenced by my Facebook page and other mediums know that I’m an outspoken proponent for the rights of the gay and lesbian community, women, and anyone who feels disenfranchised, and it kills me that some other outsider like myself, despite his or her gender or sexuality, might feel hurt or attacked by something I said. We’re all in the same camp, and I want to do my best to make this world a better place for all of us. I’m learning all the time. I promise to be more careful with my words in the future. And I will do my best to be funnier as well. Much love to all.

Though his apology is a step in the right direction, Gunn’s original remarks certainly won’t sit well with many. In a time when teaching tolerance and acceptance of others is crucial to our society’s growth, especially from such prominent and influential members of the media, instances like these serve only to postpone our progress.

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  • How did I manage to miss this? I not only missed the original controversy but the apology as well. It’s not like I live under a rock either. You are right, quite ironic given the day I’ve had!

  • Colin Hollister

    As shown above, these things happen. Luckily, the majority of people on this Earth have the memory/attention span of a banana.