Giant Avengers Anniversary Poster Included with “Avengers #24” Now Variant


My take: this one seems to be a no-brainer. The giant poster is awesome and features a character for every fan (Daredevil!). It’s a great way to celebrate 50 years of Marvel’s mightiest heroes.


New York, NY – October 31, 2013 – In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Earth’s Mightiest – Marvel is pleased to present your first look at the Avengers 50th Anniversary Mega Fold-Out Poster by superstar Avengers artist Daniel Acuña! Measuring over 6 feet in width, this massive fold-out poster features dozens of Avengers – past and present – gorgeously rendered in Acuña’s unique style!

Fans can get their hands on this epic piece of Avengers history at comic shops nationwide when All-New Marvel NOW! begins this December! The Avengers 50th Anniversary Poster comes polybagged with special copies of “Avengers #24” NOW! Reserve your copy at your local comic shop today!*

“Avengers #24” NOW! Acuña Mega Fold Out Variant (OCT130659)


Art & Cover by ESAD RIBIC

FOC 12/02/13, ON-SALE 12/24/13



Alex Smith is a news and reviews writer for Capeless Crusader. When not wasting away in class, he spends all his free time with comics, movies, and video games, and has been since birth. He can spend hours discussing SagaHawkeye or Game of Thrones. Lying Cat’s number one fan. Random brain thoughts: @imapensfan


Alex Smith

Alex Smith is a news and reviews writer for Capeless Crusader. He spends the majority of his time with film, comics and video games. Bringing up Game of Thrones or Saga will elicit a way-too-long discussion. He remains Lying Cat's #1 fan.

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