Georgina Campbell Cast as Female Lead in ‘Krypton’

Big news for potential fans of the slowly-developing SyFy series Krypton!  The show has cast actress Georgina Campbell in the role of Lyta Zod, the show’s female lead.

According to Deadline, Lyta Zod comes from a military guild on Krypton, the daughter of a general named Alura Zod.  Astute readers will recognize that she shares her family name with the infamous General Zod; Supergirl fans will remember that ‘Alura’ is also the name of Kara Zor-El’s mother.  These connections may or may not have relevance to the plot — we’ll surely see.

Krypton itself follows the story of Seg-El, who will eventually bring peace to a planet in disarray.  Lyta and Seg also carry on a secret, forbidden affair.  Forbidden, of course, because the House of El has become shamed.  Returning honor to his family reportedly serves as one of Seg’s main motivations in the show.

Campbell brings some interesting star power to the role.  She won a BAFTA in 2015 for her lead role in Murdered By My Boyfriend, but this will be her US TV debut.  No word yet on who will play opposite her as Seg-El, though!

I for one look forward to seeing Ms. Campbell in the role.  While DC has made significant representational strides in recent years ‘race lifting’ characters like Iris West, seeing this new character premiered by a black female actress is also really cool.  If this show succeeds the way Smallville did, for example, think of what that could do for young black girls in the audience!

All in all, great news from the non-CW side of the DC TV front, and good luck to Georgina Campbell!

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