FRIDAY FANCAST: Marvel’s Black Panther

FRIDAY FANCAST is a regular feature where the staff here at Capeless Crusader offer up our dream actors and actresses for roles in films based on some of the best comics on the market.

This installment of Friday Fancast speculates on the much-talked-about possibility of a new Phase 3 Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) picture being one centered on the Prince of Wakanda. As more and more signs in the current MCU (on film and on TV) point to us getting a glimpse of or tag scene with T’Challa, I think we are not far out on a limb to suggest that this casting news may come soon.

So much of the MCU has borrowed storylines from the Mark Millar-inspired Ultimates line of Marvel Comics. In the Ultimates comics, the Black Panther is T’Challa Udaku, a mutant who is experimented on in the Weapon X program of Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.  Clearly, this would be a significant problem for the current MCU due to language and character rights issues between Marvel and 20th Century Fox.

Back on May 1, 2013, movie news site Latino-Review posted, through its notorious maven El Mayimbe, a “short list” of actors that Marvel was considering at the time.  As casting rumors go, the actors rumored for the Black Panther are high quality indeed with suggestions of actors like Idris ElbaMichael B. JordanChiwetel Ejiofor, even Denzel Washington. El Mayimbe wrote that Marvel had turned its sights on 42 star Chadwick Boseman.

El Mayimbe goes on to say about Boseman:

The guy is starring in a box office hit, he is accessible to both African American AND mainstream audiences which is key, he is both lean and handsome, and according to some of the brothers I spoke to he is chocolate enough. That and the fact he is affordable and within the price point Marvel pays.

At that time, El Mayimbe and Latino-Review had no idea of an offer for Boseman to play the role because Boseman’s representation offered no comment. El Mayimbe also speculated that Boseman wasn’t the only actor Marvel had met with after Morris Chestnut sent the internet into a tizzy after posting on his Facebook page that he needed to do some “reading” on the character. Chestnut’s comments disappeared from the internet shortly thereafter.

Now, rumors are that he is in consideration for the role of Black Panther. I didn’t know how serious the consideration was until I saw this video (skip to minute 3:30):

The video attached gives us some indication that if Boseman isn’t the top contender then there have been some discussions. To what end, we won’t know probably until the end of the Age of Ultron. P.S. watch the look on the publicists face when the question comes up (she’s is the brunette just to the right in the video.

I hope that we will still get a chance to see some surprises like T’Chaka personified by either Denzel Washington or Wesley Snipes (my hope).

Do you think that Boseman is a good choice for T’Challa? Do you have other suggestions?