FRIDAY FANCAST: Mark Millar’s Starlight

FRIDAY FANCAST is a regular feature where the staff here at Capeless Crusader offer up our dream actors and actresses for roles in films based on some of the best comics on the market.



For the first installment of this feature, I decided to fancast Starlight, the wildly successful new series from writer Mark Millar (Kick Ass, Wanted). Given Millar’s history of seeing his work adapted for the big screen, this science fiction thrill ride seemed like a perfect choice.

The Beef: Duke McQueen – Josh Brolin

(From Left to Right - Young Duke McQueen, Josh Brolin, Old Duke McQueen)
(From Left to Right – Young Duke McQueen, Josh Brolin, Old Duke McQueen)

One look at the image comparison and it’s obvious that Brolin has the look to pull off Duke McQueen. He also has the range. The 46-year-old Los Angeles native has shown a talent in comedic, dramatic, and action roles. He starred along Will Smith in Men in Black 3 in a hilariously accurate portrayal of a young Tommy Lee Jones, received an Oscar nomination nominated for Best Support Actor alongside Sean Penn in Milk, and was the best part of an otherwise dismal film as the lead in Jonah Hex. His participation in that horrific train wreck of a comic adaptation, as well as playing Dwight McCarthy in the upcoming sequel to Sin City, shows that Brolin is not averse to working on comic-based properties. Duke McQueen would be a terrific opportunity for Brolin to show off that range, as the role would ask him to portray both a young, cocky action hero as well as the disillusioned, middle-aged Duke.

The Beauty: Princess Attala – Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly Princess Attala
(From Left to Right – Princess Attala, Evangeline Lilly)

Evangeline Lilly has become somewhat of a geek icon, having been central to the wild pop culture success that was Lost. It is her otherworldly beauty, combined with a demonstrated strength at playing strong, empowered characters, which would make her ideal for Attala. Given her stellar work in the last two Lord of the Rings films, the 35-year-old Canadian actress has shown that she is more than willing to take on fantasy, and science fiction is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

The Boy: Krish Moor – Dakota Goyo

(From Left to Right - Dakota Goyo, Krish Moor)
(From Left to Right – Krish Moor, Dakota Goyo)

The 15-year-old Canadian co-starred alongside Hugh Jackman and the aforementioned Evangeline Lilly in 2011’s Real Steel, showing great comedic timing and surprising wit. His ability to work alongside a powerhouse such as Jackman and not be completely overshadowed speaks to how well he would handle sharing screen time with someone like Josh Brolin. He’s also established impressive credentials in the comic book film world, having appeared as young version of Chris Hemsworth in Thor and a young Russell Crowe in this year’s Noah.

Final Cut

Obviously, we’re only two issues into Starlight, so it is quite likely that more characters will be added beyond the three mentioned here. We’ll probably update this once that happens. That said, the group here can easily be imagined on a movie poster in a theater near you, and their respective bodies of work show a collective talent which would make the movie simply shine. Brolin’s the heavy hitter, Lilly’s the talented beauty, and Goyo is the rising star. Basically, what we’re looking at here is a fantasy cast of Jonah Hex and young Thor alongside Tauriel.


Rejoice, nerddom. Rejoice. (Their agents can thank me later. Perhaps with premiere tickets.)

Josh Epstein

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