Fraction on Hawkeye Sandy Issue

20121201-142351.jpgLast week, Marvel Comics scribe Matt Fraction sat down with the folks at iFanboy and discussed the process of creating issue #7 of his hit title, Hawkeye. This issue has drawn a great deal of attention on the heels of Fraction’s announcement that he would be donating his entire payday from the issue to help fund relief efforts for those still hurting from the effects of the super-storm.

When asked why he chose to make this story center around the battling bowman of Marvel, Fraction had this to say:

It was always going to beHawkeye; it made the most sense as a Clint story. I think with other characters, generally, there’s the potential that when the high heroic fantasy of comics meet with real world catastrophes that it ends with superheros rending their garments in anguish. I wanted, instead, for it to be a story about a regular person, in this case Hawkeye, helping regular people. The Hawkeye series is essentially about what Clint Barton does when he’s off the Avengers clock, and he has a compulsive need to help people, and this dovetails into that perfectly. For Hurricane Sandy, after story after story came over the news about nurses doing compressions on infants in NICUs and doctors and hospital staff moving patients down nine flights of hospital stairs because the elevators don’t function, things like that. Regular people doing regular things.

It is this man-on-the-street aspect of the book that makes it such a perfect fit for an outreach effort like this. Both Fraction and Marvel Comics deserve to be lauded for their efforts to reach out to the city in this time of need, and we at Capeless Crusader want to ensure that our readers do everything they can to support this effort.

SOURCE: iFanboy

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