FLASH Ratings Hit All-Time Low With “Trajectory”

After reaching a season high in February with “Escape From Earth-2”, things have been trending downward for The Flash .

After a hiatus of nearly a month, the series returned on Tuesday with “Trajectory”, which marked a season-low in viewership at 3.0 million viewers in its time slot.

Beyond being the lowest numbers of season 2, the 3.0 million number mark the lowest-ever viewership for The Flash since the inception of the show. The previous low-water mark was in January with “Potential Energy.”

A number of factors likely contributed to the series declining number this week, including the three-week hiatus, the end of Spring Break for students, and the NCAA March Madness tournament all competed for viewers’ time.

The Flash remained CW’s highest rated show of the night, and should see its numbers bolstered by next week’s cameo appearance on CBS’ Supergirl.

For context, you can view the full season’s ratings below.


Episode 1: “The Man Who Saved Central City” – 3.58 million

Episode 2: “Flash of Two Worlds” – 3.49 million

Episode 3: “Family of Rogues” – 3.47 million

Episode 4: “The Fury of Firestorm” – 3.43 million

Episode 5: “The Darkness and the Light” – 3.87 million

Episode 6: “Enter Zoom” – 3.63 million

Episode 7: “Gorille Warfare” – 3.46 million

Episode 8: “Legends of Today” – 3.94 million

Episode 9: “Running to a Standstill” – 3.55 million

Episode 10: “Potential Energy” – 3.41 million

Episode 11: “The Reverse-Flash Returns” – 3.71 million

Episode 12: “Fast Lane” – 3.66 million

Episode 13: “Welcome to Earth-2” – 3.96 million

Episode 14: “Escape from Earth-2” – 3.90 million

Episode 15: “King Shark” – 3.8 million

Episode 16: “Trajectory” – 3.0 million


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